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Tharik Hussain

Minarets in the Mountains

A truly decolonised modern work of travel writing and winner of the 2022 British Guild of Travel Writers’ Adele Evans Award, it was also shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Award; longlisted for the 2021 Baillie Gifford Prize and named a Book of the Year by amongst others, the Times Literary Supplement and the New Statesman. 

Following in the footsteps of Ottoman traveller, Evliya Celebi, Tharik will take audiences on a magical eye-opening journey into another Europe: Muslim Europe. Home to the continent’s largest indigenous Muslim population, they will visit mosques older than the Sistine chapel and meet mystics worshipping in ancient Sufi lodges, as he unveils a Europe most of us ignore, before also explaining exactly why.

Tharik Hussain
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