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Most of our events, held throughout the year, are talks given by nationally well-known authors about their latest book. Given the demand to hear them we hold these talks in a larger venue. Scroll down to see the events planned and how to purchase tickets.


Apart from these larger events, we also hold smaller events in a cosier venue where a local, or less well-established, author talks about their book(s). For these, a generous canapé buffet and a glass of wine are often provided and time is allowed before the talk to turn these into super social events.


All talks start at 7pm unless otherwise stated, with doors open at 6.30pm.

Events Programme

Travel Writing Festival 

5th - 7th April 2024 - Travel Writing Festival, curated by Rory MacLean

The Powell Theatre, Abbey Rd, Sherborne

Other Events


14th June 2023 - Wolfgang Grulke, She Sells Sea Shells


24th July 2023 - Ferdinand Mount, Big Caesars and Little Caesars

23rd August 2023 - Cream Tea at the Grange Hotel, Oborne and visit to Wolfgang Grulke Fossil Museum. 

5th Sept - Felice Hardy, The Tennis Champion who escaped the Nazis

11th October - Ysenda Maxtone Graham, Jobs for the Girls

15th November - Richard Morton Jack, Nick Drake: The Life

The Digby Memorial Church Hall, Digby Rd, Sherborne

Tickets at Winstone's or via Eventbrite (see below)

30th November - Lulu Taylor, The Forgotten Tower

The Raleigh Hall, Digby Rd, Sherborne

Tickets at Winstone's or via Eventbrite (see below)

Canapés and refreshments from 6.30

25th January - AGM with speaker

The Raleigh Hall, Digby Rd, Sherborne

ALL TALKS START at 7pm with Doors Open 6.30pm unless otherwise stated.


All books featured in our programme and many others may be purchased from Winstone's bookshop with a 10% discount for Society membersClick here.

How to Buy Tickets

You can purchase tickets online through Eventbrite – simply click on the event link in the list below.


Additionally, Winstone's Bookshop at 8 Cheap Street, Sherborne (01935 816128) have tickets available over the counter. 

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