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Welcome to the Sherborne Literary Society website. We hope you enjoy your visit. You can now access all Society  and Event information in one place, as well as purchase/renew your Membership and read the latest Book Reviews.




For Sherborne Literary Society, April came with our biggest, most exciting event for many moons - the Sherborne Travel Writing Festival. Now it's over and time to reflect. In terms of feedback, we have hardly received anything but positive comments and this reflects your Committee's overall view, that we delivered something fresh, new, enjoyable, much so that we have decided to hold a similar event in April 2024!

We really cannot thank Rory MacLean enough for not only curating the festival but doing so much more as well. Without him it would have been a lesser and much different event. Thanks also to our marvellous speakers, authors all but entertainers, "fellow travellers" for our weekend and now friends too.In order of appearance, they were:

John Gimlette

Sophy Roberts

Philip Marsden

Tharik Hussein

Justin Marozzi

Sara Wheeler

Colin Thubron

John Blashford-Snell

Demi Anter

Jay Griffiths

Then a big thank you also goes to our generous sponsors whose support really made the journey so much easier. 


Bradt Guides

Castle Gardens (The Gardens Group)

The Eastbury


Knight Frank

The Jerram Gallery

Mogers Drewett


Symonds & Sampson

Village Conservatories

and Wanderlust

Thanks too to Sherborne School and Sherborne Town Council.



Our next event is on Weds 14th June with Wolfgang Grulke talking about his new book on Mary Anning. 


Local author, Wolfgang Grulke has spoken to Sherborne Literary Society before, but not for several years. Those of you that have heard him will know that he is an engaging and fascinating speaker; apart from writing he is an entrepreneur traveller, collector, diver, palaeontologist and photographer. 


Wolfgang will be talking about the fascinating background to his new book, She Sold Seashells...and Dragons: The Curious Mary Anning, Re-imagined, the first ever to use AI images to re-imagine, and celebrate, the young Mary Anning, Dorset’s most famous fossil hunter.


Mary lived about 200 years ago. A bright girl from a poor family living in a small town on the south coast of England, she became a successful fossil hunter, dealer and self-taught scientist. While not fully recognised in her own lifetime because she was a woman and of the wrong social class, she is now heralded as a leading figure in the science of palaeontology. Her story is well known, but there is only one image of her, painted shortly before her death at age 47.


She made many of her important fossil discoveries of 'mythical sea dragons' as a teenager and in her twenties. Although she made many of her important discoveries in her teens and twenties there are no images of her at that age.


If you have children or young adults in the family who are interested in dinosaurs and fossils, this talk will be eminently interesting for them too.

See our events page for details of our full programme, times venues and tickets.


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