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Our programme is now almost complete through until the end of the year and can be seen by clicking the button below.

For the past three years the Society has not run a festival concentrated into a few days but instead has spread "Festival" events through the year to ensure that it provided authors with the opportunity to promote their latest work at the nearest convenient date to publication. Our activities were of course interrupted by the pandemic so that the Society effectively relaunched in the late Summer of 2021. With some new blood on our committee and a more  optimistic outlook for the holding of events in 2022 and beyond, the Society presents an interesting, entertaining and diverse range of speakers and subjects..

 • Dame Kelly Holmes - Cancellation • 


Dame Kelly Holmes was originally booked to talk to us in 2020 but the event was postponed because of the pandemic. We have tried to reschedule and, although Dame Kelly still intends to fulfil the commitment, it seems unlikely now that it will be this year.


So, unfortunately, we have decided to return ticket money to those people still holding onIf we do eventually put a date in the diary our members and subscribers will hear first and have the opportunity to rebook. Our apologies to all who did buy tickets and thank you for your patience.


Eventbrite: If you booked through Eventbrite, we have automatically refunded to the account you paid with.


Winstone’s: If you booked at Winstone’s you should return your tickets there for a cash refund or you can send them to: Sherborne Literary Society c/o Abbots Fee, Greenhill, Sherborne DT9 4EP, enclosing either your bank account details for a bank transfer or a self addressed envelope (no need for a stamp) for a cheque refund. Please ensure you also enclose your email address so that we can easily contact you if there is a query. We cannot refund you without the return of the original tickets.


Eventbrite e-ticket via Tourist Information Office: If you booked at the (now demised) Sherborne Tourist Information Office please contact us at We will endeavour to contact ticket holders but, in some cases, we only have a name and no contact details. We cannot process an automatic refund. We will need bank details to make a bank transfer or we can send a cheque as detailed above.



The Manningtree Witches

Weds 14 Sept

At The Old School Room,, Sherborne School


 Wolf Hall meets The Favourite in this beguiling debut novel that brilliantly brings to life the residents of a small English town in the grip of the seventeenth-century witch trials and the young woman tasked with saving them all from themselves. 

England, 1643. Puritanical fervor has gripped the nation. And in Manningtree, a town depleted of men since the wars began, the hot terror of damnation burns in the hearts of women left to their own devices.

Rebecca West, fatherless and husbandless, chafes against the drudgery of her days, livened only occasionally by her infatuation with the handsome young clerk John Edes. But then a newcomer, Matthew Hopkins, arrives. A mysterious, pious figure dressed from head to toe in black, he takes over the Thorn Inn and begins to ask questions about what the women on the margins of this diminished community are up to. Dangerous rumors of covens, pacts, and bodily wants have begun to hang over women like Rebecca--and the future is as frightening as it is thrilling.

Brimming with contemporary energy and resonance, The Manningtree Witches plunges its readers into the fever and menace of the English witch trials, where suspicion, mistrust, and betrayal run amok as a nation's arrogant male institutions start to realize that the very people they've suppressed for so long may be about to rise up and claim their freedom.