Schools' Programme

Each year the Festival links in with local schools to provide a programme, parallel to the  main events, designed to encourage and inspire the young people of Sherborne to enjoy reading books. 

For 2017 the programme includes the following speakers:

Tom McLaughlin

A well known author of books for young people including The Diabolical Mr Tiddles, The Cloudspotter and The Accidental Prime Minister. Tom will  be talking to Sherborne Primary and Sherborne Abbey Primary Schools. For his website click here.

Joffre White

A U.K. Patron of Reading, and a member of the National Association of Writers in Education, he  actively promotes the importance of reading, literacy and creative writing by visiting primary and secondary schools, colleges, libraries and events in the U.K. and delivering his acclaimed, interactive, motivational and inspiring sessions designed to excite and energise young people’s imagination and interest in the power of words.

Joffre will be talking to The Gryphon. For his website click here

Nicola Burstein

Author, trekky and enthusiast for all things to do with reading. She writes about herself: 

The moment I knew that nothing would make me happier than writing was back in sixth form, when I wrote an essay about all the cliques in my school in the style of a David Attenborough nature documentary. I showed it to one friend, who showed it to someone else… and soon people were crowding around tables to look over shoulders to read it. The buzz of having people reading and enjoying your work is the Best Thing Ever. Then I got called into the Head of Year’s office, and I thought I was going to be in serious trouble… turns out my work was being shared around the staff room and enjoyed by my teachers too! That was the first time a teacher took my aspirations seriously and gave me advice about writing as a profession, and even though some things got in the way over the years, it was a huge moment in my journey to getting where I am today.

She is the author of Wonder Boy and Other Girl aimed at young adults. She will talking to Sherborne Primary School. For more details about Nicola go to her website


Jo Nadin

Jo writes about herself:

I grew up in Saffron Walden in Essex, a small town, where nothing much happened, and where I spent an awful lot of time wishing I was somewhere else, or someone else. And that’s what I write about now – for children, teenagers and young adults: Extraordinary things happening to very ordinary people, in very ordinary places. And about dreaming of other lives you might live.

And I have lived many other lives: as a lifeguard, a radio newsreader, a producer on a TV cookery show, a journalist, and a special adviser to the Prime Minister. And I still have other guises: as a government speechwriter, and (in my head at least) as a future ice dance champion.

Jo is the author of many books. She will be talking to Sherborne Primary School. For more details about Jo go to her website.

Gulwali Passarlay

Gulwali will be talking to the Gryphon School and Sherborne Prep School. He is the author of The Lightless Sky, which is an account of his overland journey, aged 11 years and mostly on his own, as a refugee from his native Afghanistan. His extraordinary life is described on the main Festival Events page and on his website

Simon Weston

Simon was a soldier in the Welsh Guards when, during the Falklands War in 1982, he sustained horrendous burns to his face and body as a result of the bombing of the troopship Sir Galahad. His story of survival and subsequent overcoming of many hurdles is truly inspirational. He will speak at Sherborne School for Girls and there will be a few tickets available for the general public. For  more details about him and to obtain a ticket go to the main Festival Events page. 

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