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The Sherborne Literary Society was formed early in 2012 and is open to everyone.


The aims are to:

• Bring together national and local writers to discuss their work

• Provide a forum for the area’s own aspiring writers

• Create an interest in books amongst young audiences

• Raise the culture of reading

• Demonstrate the fun and creativity associated with the written word

• Run an annual Literary Festival for Sherborne and the surrounding area


You can see the Sherborne Literary Society Constitution here.


You can read a copy of the Association Model Constitution here.

Sherborne Literary Society Committee:

John Gaye - Chairman  

Mark Pender - Treasurer    

Mark Greenstock

Bob Bowmer - Membership Secretary

Wayne Winstone - Publishing Consultant

Michela Franchini - PR and Marketing


Sherborne Literary Festival Committee:

Jules Bradburn- Chairman/Festival Director

Sue Cameron - Schools Programme Director

Wayne Winstone - Programme Consultant

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Sherborne Literary Society
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